Mobile is the front door of your business. Orange BOB helps you to stimulate loyalty, engagement and to monetize it.

Orange stands for The Netherlands. BOB for Boost Boost Offline Business. And that’s what we do. With proven technologies we boost retailers who have an offline heritage and wants to make their businessmodel future proof. 

Who we are.
Orange BOB is trusted by brands and retailers looking to grow with mobile. We empower (mobile) marketers to build better relationships with their customers. Every day, marketers depend on Orange BOB to deliver more than one million mobile moments a day that inspire interest and drive action.

Answering the central question.
Why would your target group download your app? How do you affect their lives in a positive way? How do you deliver continuous added value to their personal changing circumstances? How does your brand become a part of their lifestyle? What do you really know about your offline customers? How do you stimulate retention? How do you drive action?

Our vision.
Consumers want benefits. Experiences that make their lives easier, anticipate what’s next, add value and a bit of a magical touch.

What we do.
We develop mobile engagement strategies & apps based on marketing automation technology so marketers can connect human-to-human, at scale, with their customers, driving deep engagement and ROI.We develop a bespoke mobile app with marketing automation technology so marketers can connect human-to-human, at scale, with their customers, driving deep engagement and ROI. mobile app with marketing automation leverage technology so marketers can connect human-to-human, at scale, with their customers, driving deep engagement and ROI.

We allow brands to use the data from those user profiles to create and automate highly personalized mobile marketing campaigns and to build meaningful dialogues with their audiences across devices and channels at scale.

Every day our clients experience our proven technologies which delivers exciting consumer insights and stunning rising sales results even measurable in two digit numbers.

Weave mobile experiences into campaigns for deeper relationships.

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With more mobile devices than people in the world, mobile interactions are a key part of customer journeys. How can you ensure you’re driving deep engagement with your customers wherever they are? Our Mobile Marketing solution lets you deliver relevant, cross-channel experiences from a single unified platform.

Reach Users As The Individuals They Are

Customers seamlessly navigate between channels and devices, expecting their experience with your brand to be personalized wherever they are, especially on mobile. Using a 360-degree view of each individual, interact with your users based on their mobile app activity, behavior, and location.

Find And Attract The Right Users For Your App

Don’t get lost in the crowd of apps. Quickly and effectively target the right people—those most likely to engage with your app and stay loyal over time—and convert them to new users.

See The Big Cross-Channel Picture

If you’re only tracking app engagement metrics, you're missing valuable customer insights. Listen to not only how users engage with your in-app and push notifications, but how they engage with your brand across other touchpoints so you can connect all their experiences with real-time messages.

Use Comprehensive Analytics For Decision-Making

Knowing which mobile marketing strategies produce the highest ROI is essential to your success. Test and measure what matters. Use data-driven performance metrics to identify opportunities to move customers along their journey.

Increase Retention By Reconnecting With Users

Despite the super-charged growth in mobile, most users stop using apps after the first 30 days. Re-engage lapsed users and ensure they come back again and again with tailored messages across mobile and other channels.

It’s time to rethink how businesses drive customer growth.

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Bring In The Right Customers

Find and engage the right customers. Help them learn what they want to know about your products as they begin their journey. Learn about search marketing, landing pages, web personalization, forms, social media, and behavior tracking.

Build Long-Term Relationships With Your Customers

Easily build and scale automated marketing campaigns across channels that engage your customers in a personalized way, without support from IT. Learn about our email marketing, nurturing, ad targeting, and mobile engagement.

Orange BOB | Boost Offline Business

Our services:

  • Mobile app marketing automation software.
  • Marketing services & strategies.
  • CRM & database analytics.

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